Invest in real estate business by renting a warehouse

You want to invest in real estate in an efficient, profitable, safe and sustainable way. For this, your project is the following: acquire a warehouse to rent to a professional. This is indeed an investment that meets your expectations.

Warehouse purchase and leasing

The estimated rate of return per year can go up to 10% gross for a period of 3 to 9 years! To do this and enter a less accessible market than that of real estate, here are some tips to follow.

Tips for success

First, use a financial advisor to establish a costed project for both the initial investment and the expected return. Also call on real estate agencies specialized in this type of property and who will accompany you in your research (although the industrial areas are prospecting solo!) And will have the knowledge especially in legislation (especially commercial planning).

Then, the principle is the same as for the purchase of an apartment or a house. The price will depend on the surface of the property, its location, its condition. A contribution of 20% of the price is advised.

Regarding rental, rental management remains the most prudent. If not, make sure of the reliability of the tenant and his company (date of creation, solvency); the nature of its activity and the coherence of the latter in relation to the situation of your property. As for the commercial lease, it must specify the taxes and charges borne by the tenant (including the property tax). It will also specify the duration, and various clauses such as insurance. You will find the necessary information via the internet very easily and make sure the applicable law applicable (local law – Alsace Moselle- or general law)

Finally, the fiscal aspect

Rents form the property revenue. Work and borrowing interest remain deductible for 10 years. If you are at least two investors, it is possible and quite recommended (with the help of a specialist) to create an Gandalf. Here are the basics to remember: do not hesitate to call on specialists to ensure you an optimal result and a sustainable investment!

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